Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cycling the KVR - let the adventure begin!

Our Bags are Packed and we are ready to go!

Where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday we were cycling to the Edge of the World.  In actuality, more than a year has flown by.  We find ourselves watching the leaves turn colour and wondering where the summer has gone.  Simply put - we can't welcome fall without venturing out on at least one cycle tour!

As our time is limited, we have decided to head into central, southern British Columbia and explore the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.  Historically, before becoming an amazing cycling and hiking route, the Kettle Valley Railway was constructed as a means to access the considerable deposits of copper, silver and gold found in the Interior of BC.  Labourers valiantly fought both Mother Nature and each other to build the line.  One of the most popular sections of the trail is the Myra Canyon.  Originally, the section of railway between Myra Station and June Springs station featured 18 wooden trestles and two tunnels.  As you will remember, the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire destroyed 12 of the 18 trestles.  Fortunately, they have been rebuilt and we are thrilled at the opportunity to explore them!  

Bags are packed, tent is waterproofed and the instant coffee is ready for's time to hit the trail!  Thanks for following....

Giggle of the Day:

We are planning to ride a circle route, beginning at Midway. (Mile 0)  Excitedly, we were sharing our route plan with another cyclist, interested in learning more from him about potential campsites on the trail.  Incredulously, he asked how we were getting to Midway from Penticton.  "By bike," we replied, somewhat puzzled by his question.  He shrugged and asked if we knew about Anarchist Pass.  Before we could reply, he gleefully, maybe too gleefully, shared the gruesome details of the climb to the summit.  *%&* he called it.  I am not quite sure why he was so happy to share this bit of bad news.  I suppose time will tell how challenging the climb is.  At this moment, I am quite content imagining the descent from the summit of Anarchist Pass to Rock Creek.  Maybe there will be an ice cream store!

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